Cinnamon Pollard is committed to helping clients harness the business value of emerging technologies to deliver world class experiences to your customers and grow your business. She provides clients with a full suite of CX and digital strategies to solve business, product, brand and marketing challenges.

Collaborating closely with designers, developers, digital marketing, pr and social agencies, Cinnamon offers services covering CX, service design, business design, product, marketing, social, mobile and cloud.

Cinnamon specialises in developing start up businesses and innovating inside large companies. Starting a new business can be overwhelming and intimidating. Cinnamon has defined ten steps in the process of setting up a digital business. Without proper guidance and support some of these steps may be overlooked or take longer than necessary to complete, which can severely impact both timing and budget.

10 steps to setting up a digital business:

  1. Defining your concept

  2. Assessing the opportunity and validating your idea

  3. Business planning to make sure your model is viable

  4. Funding your business

  5. Building a strong brand

  6. Legally protecting your venture

  7. Designing & building your website and/or mobile app

  8. Driving highly qualified traffic to your site using SEO, SEM, social, display & content

  9. Forming partnerships with other businesses and sponsors

  10. Recruiting a strong team & building a great culture.

Cinnamon has the experience and knowledge to work with you through every step, from concept definition to launch and commercialisation. Engage Cinnamon’s services to help your business succeed.

"Vision without execution is hallucination" - Thomas A. Edison. Stop hallucinating and start turning your killer idea into a successful business.

Stay at the forefront of new technology and leverage the benefits of CX - Contact Cinnamon today!